A Guide to Finding Language Partners in Tokyo with SewaYou

3 October 2023
Know the benefits of having a language exchange partner, and your learning speed and skill will skyrocket!
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Tokyo, a bustling metropolis known for its rich culture and a country continuing to treasure some of their deeply rooted traditions, is also a city growing in diversity, where people from all over the world gather to learn and exchange languages.


Whether you're a newcomer to Tokyo or a resident looking to improve your language skills, finding language exchange partners is a fantastic way to enhance your language skill and broaden your knowledge and connection with people from different backgrounds.

In this article, we're going to walk you through our guide of how to find language partners in Tokyo, with a particular focus on our social app SewaYou, which offers some great features and opportunities for in-person interactions!

The Importance of having a Language Exchange Partner


We believe that language exchange partners play a crucial role in the language learning journey. Firstly, it gives you the opportunity to practise speaking, listening and comprehending a new language in real-life situations. You can pick up on intonations and slangs much quicker and sound more like a local, rather than like a textbook!

Secondly, it offers a window into the culture and traditions of your learning language's country. It may well give you a better understanding of the person's daily life and perhaps certain language difficulties or barriers they may be facing in Japan. It will also help improve your general social communication skills.

Although it can seem daunting to meet a stranger and speak a language you may not have full confidence in, you mustn't forget that you AND your partner are both in the same boat and setting off on the same starting line together. Going through a challenge with someone is much more fun and motivating, and can make you determined and conscious of your progress.


Introducing SewaYou

In this digital age, finding language partners has become more accessible than ever, thanks to social apps like SewaYou.

SewaYou is currently a Japan-based platform that targets specifically to language learners and enthusiasts living in or visiting Japan. Let's explore some of its key features that sets it apart from other language exchange platforms:

Maps - Location based Exploration and Connections

17-4 SewaYou's unique location-based matching feature allows you to see approximately where other language exchange partners are in the area. This means you can easily find partners who are within Tokyo or within a couple of train stops away from you, making it convenient to meet up in person for language exchanges.

The closer they are to you, the more you may feel the possibility of actually meeting up, and the more likely you both feel you can meet more frequently if you both are in the same area often!

Narrowing down your ideal language partner with a Filter

17-5 With SewaYou, you can filter potential language exchange partners by the language they can teach and their proficiency, ensuring you find someone who matches your skill level. This helps create a balanced exchange where both partners can benefit from the meetup.

SewaYou recently updated its app and added a new filter, interests and hobbies, so you can now search for an exchange partner who share similar interests. It gives you both a chance to not only bond over a shared hobby, but also help start a conversation or be incorporated in the learning.

Recommended Cafes

One of the user interactive features where you can recommend your favourite cafes or meetup areas and it will show on the map for others to see! If you are struggling to find a place to meet and learn languages together, you can check other people's suggestions and recommendations, most likely considering the privacy, the quietness, the food and the general atmosphere.

You can also post your experience and personal visits at cafes or potential meetup places on the timeline posting page for others to see.


On SewaYou, there is also a calendar where people can input their days of availability to meet up with someone to exchange and learn languages.

You can also view the availability of other language learners to see if you're days and times match, so its an easy and quick way to confirm a meeting with someone if you're not too concerned about distance!


17-6 This new feature has been a great addition to the app, where other people can leave a 'memory' or record of a place they've visited on the map. If you are travelling and visiting an area you haven't been before, you can see if there are certain tourist spots or cafes others have been and recommended.

This can also lead to connections with those people and continuing your language learning even on-the-go during your travels!

An Outline of the Benefits of meeting language exchange partners IN-PERSON

While online language exchange can be beneficial, there's something special about meeting your language partners in person.

  1. Real Life Practice In-person meetings provide an authentic setting for practicing your target language. You'll have to engage in real conversations, which can help improve your speaking and listening skills significantly.

  2. Cultural Immersion Meeting in person allows you to experience the culture firsthand. You can explore Japan together, try local cuisine, and participate in cultural activities, as well as perhaps exploring the other person's different culture within Japan, all while communicating in the language you're learning.

  3. Building Stronger Connections Meeting face-to-face can lead to more profound connections with your language exchange partners. These connections can go beyond language learning, potentially leading to lasting friendships.

  4. Feel Motivated In-person meetings can add a level of commitment to your language exchange. When you have a scheduled meetup, you're more likely to stick to your language learning goals!


Remember that language exchange is a two-way street, so be open to helping your partner with their language learning goals as well. It's all about mutual support and learning from each other's experiences.

So, download SewaYou, connect with fellow language enthusiasts and learners, and enjoy a journey of linguistic and cultural discovery!

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Want to find nearby natives? Try out our app SewaYou ~
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