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Language Learning Tips - Make The Most Of Language Exchange Apps

10 Casual French Expressions for Everyday Conversation
Casual French expressions you can use in daily conversations ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท
A Guide to Finding Language Partners in Tokyo with SewaYou
Know the benefits of having a language exchange partner, and your learning speed and skill will skyrocket!
7 Japanese YouTube channels recommendation in 2023
From local lifestyle to detailed explanations with both English and Japanese subtitles!
6 Tips To Get More Replies On Language Exchange Apps
Increase your chances of getting contacted and building successful connections on a language exchange app
10 French Slang Words Every Young Person Needs to Know
Learn the top 10 French slang words that every young person needs to know for fitting in with locals and navigating youth culture in France.
11 Tips To Make The Most Of Language Exchange Apps
Here's why you don't get a reply or the conversation doesnโ€™t last long ๐Ÿง
Benefits Of Having Multiple Language Exchange Partners
Similar to job hunting: always have multiple options ๐Ÿค”
Why You Should Treat Language Exchange Sessions As Transactions
Think of language exchange session as a rare chance to challenge yourself
The Truth About Language Exchange Applications And Websites
Most people use them for other purposes than improving their language skills
What Can You Do With JLPT N1?
A lot of things, but not everything! Getting it is just the beginning of the journey
Use The Keyboard Dictate Feature To Practice Your Pronunciation
The ultimate free way for Japanese speaking practice that you can do everyday solo
Time Management In Language Learning
You don't make time to sit and study, you squeeze in smaller sessions in your busy days
From Beginner Japanese To Intermediate Japanese
Being more exposed to Japanese is more important than trying to learn it the "right" way
8 Tips For Learning Japanese (Speaking, Listening, Reading)
Practical tips that you can apply daily!
How I Got My JLPT N1 In 2 Years: The Single One Thing That Will Get You There
The resources, textbooks, apps, or methods don't matter that much, the only one thing that matters is...
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Language Learning Tips
11 Tips To Make The Most Of Language Exchange AppsFrom Beginner Japanese To Intermediate JapaneseHow I Got My JLPT N1 In 2 Years: The Single One Thing That Will Get You ThereThe Truth About Language Exchange Applications And WebsitesBlog
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